About Foster Care Matters

If you want news, discussion, and everyday fostering ‘know-how’, together with factual information about foster care, make yourself at home here. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed.
About Foster Care Matters

What is Foster Care Matters?

Foster Care Matters is a hub for foster carers, aspiring carers, and the wider fostering community.
In a nutshell: it’s a site packed with news, insights and useful fostering resources.
Fostering Guides
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Resources for Foster Carers

If you’re a foster carer, you play a crucial role in your foster child’s care. You provide them with a safe, nurturing environment, where they feel cared for and valued. We can all agree that what you do is awe-inspiring, but there might be times when you want to compliment the support you receive from your fostering agency.

Guidance for Aspiring Carers

There’s plenty here for aspiring carers too, whether it’s information about foster care or real-world insights into the role of fostering a child. The good news is: whatever point you’re at, you’ll find a supportive fostering community here.

Agencies & Other Organisations

Fostering agencies, teams and organisations that help to support fostered children can benefit from access to a unique training and networking platform. Find out more about how we work with organisations.
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Our vision is: to create the ultimate UK Resource Hub for Foster Carers.

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Andy Loverock

Who's Behind Foster Care Matters

Hi, I’m Andy Loverock, the founder of Foster Care Matters.
My work background is in healthcare, having worked as a Registered Mental Nurse for over twenty-three years. Since 2011 I’ve worked as a foster carer and had the pleasure of caring for sixteen children, most of whom have achieved great things.
Fostering children inspired me to create Foster Care Matters – And it’s where my small team and I talk with straightforward honesty about what works in foster care (and what doesn’t). But that’s just part of the story.
In collaboration with experienced foster carers, people with lived experience of growing up in foster care and experts who work with fostered children, we create, organise and share fostering resources.
Our mission is: to help you improve outcomes for fostered children and young people.

How Foster Care Matters Can Help You

Here’s the thing: FCM is NOT a fostering agency or a charity. We’re NOT in competition with any other fostering organisation either. In fact, we want to support the valuable work that they all do.
You’ve probably noticed that a lot of information about foster care skims the surface. You’ve seen it: the kind of information that’s either too vague or hard to figure out. Our fostering blog is updated regularly with content that’s easy to digest.
The articles we publish reflect the real-world experience of foster carers, foster families and care-experienced people, supported by theory and the expert knowledge of professionals who work closely with children.
CAREHUB is the home of our fostering community. It brings learning, interaction, and insights to your online space. As a free member, you get access to our growing content library full with background information about foster care; along with exclusive online training courses and networking resources.
Visit our FAQ to get your questions about foster care answered. If you can’t find the answer to your question, just ask us, and we’ll happily answer it.
Government statistics show that outcomes for looked after children are often worse than we would all like them to be. You can think of Foster Care Matters as a central hub where you can connect with your peers and find the resources you need so that together we can help to improve outcomes for children and young people in foster care.
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Our main values are: Motivation – Transparency – Optimism – Empathy – Respect – Warmth – Support.
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Partner with Us

We’re happy to work with individuals, companies or agencies. We are also keen to support good causes and charities that work with children. Just tell us how we can work with you or your organisation.
Maybe you want to share your experience or expertise by writing for us. We’re always on the lookout for original articles about foster care and related topics. Or maybe you’ve got a product or service that can help foster carers.
If you want to discuss working with us, please use this form. We’ll respond quickly to try and ‘make things happen’.
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