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Why Foster Care Matters

Our mission is to help you improve outcomes for fostered children and young people by sharing useful fostering resources. Check them out!
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What's Your Link to Fostering?

One thing’s for sure; you’re unlikely to have landed here by accident! You can use these links below to uncover helpful information about foster care that’s relevant to you:

Introduction To Foster Care

The basic concept of foster care is simple, but some aspects of it are complicated. If you’re new to fostering, these guides help to explain how foster care works!

Foster Care Basics

A quick overview including an outline of the different types of foster care in the UK.
Foster Care Basics

Fostering Explained

Get a better understanding of the practice and process of fostering a child.
Guide to Fostering Children

Considering the idea of fostering children?

There is a shortage of people who are ready to foster children. Use this guide to help you decide whether becoming a foster carer is right for you.

Guide for Prospective Foster Carers

Learn about five critical things to consider before you make a firm enquiry.

Are You a Foster Carer?

If it is your first time here, maybe you’re looking for something specific to your involvement with children in care. Hopefully, these are some of the most helpful places to start:

Foster Care Matters

Learn more about Foster Care Matters and our mission.

Guidance and Support

FCM Fostering Community
Find out how you can benefit by joining our fostering community.

News and Insights

News and Insights
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Tools and Know-How

Fostering Know-how
Get access to free resources to help with all aspects of fostering.
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Fostering Blog

Whatever your involvement is with foster caring, you might still have questions about foster care. Visit our fostering blog where we explore these related topics:


Learn about key issues that affect many children in foster care.


Explore some of the most critical statistics about foster care.


Follow what’s happening, right now, in the world of UK fostering.


Legislation, policy and guidance that relates to children in care.


Proven approaches and strategies that are used by foster carers.


Gain insights into the role and key functions of fostering agencies.
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