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Welcome To Foster Care Matters

Our mission is to help you promote the best possible outcomes for your foster children. We aim to do that by creating, organising and sharing useful resources for foster carers. Information, training, and networking resources that help empower you to work effectively and enable you to feel supported.

Introduction To Foster Care

The basic concept of foster care is simple, but fostering a child can be complicated. If you are new to fostering, these two guides can strengthen your understanding of how the service works!

Guide to Foster care

This 6-part guide outlines what foster care is and how the current service works.

Guide to Fostering

This 7-part guide explains the practice and process of fostering children.

Guide for Prospective Foster Carers

If you're a prospective foster carer, this guide will help you decide whether fostering is for you. It looks at five critical things you might want to think about.
Could You Foster

Resources for Foster Carers

If you are a foster carer, here are some of the best places to start:

Foster Care Matters

If it's your first time on the site, find out more about Foster Care Matters.

Guidance and Support

See how you can benefit by becoming part of our online fostering community.

News and Insights

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Tools and Know-How

Get access to free resources to help you with all aspects of fostering a child.

Whatever point you're at on your 'fostering journey', you'll find valuable insights on our blog.

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